Thomas Crapper Day

Thomas Crapper, an accomplished plumber and businessman from London who has erroneously been called the inventor of the flush toilet, died on January 27, 1910.

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This vintage ad, sent by California Invention Center Executive Director Larry Udell, is a hot one indeed. After all, who doesn’t want a childish tailpipe attachment for racecar wannabes? And it’s a great way to meet many of your curious local police officers.

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Go Get IP Aware

The sixth annual Intellectual Property Awareness Summit® (IPAS 2023), “Bridges, Not Barricades,” will be May 2 in Boston, in conjunction with Northeastern University’s Center for Research Innovation and the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding.

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IP Literacy: Smart.

The Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property is expanding its support of infusing IP education into a broad range of educational curricula.

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