A Sequined Danny DeVito Pillowcase

One reviewer and Danny DeVito fan wrote: “I am absolutely in love with this beautifully crafted piece of art. My wife took my house, dog, and children and moved to California, but none of that matters now that I have this pillow.”

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Make a Firm Choice

Product development requires many different skills, and no one can master them all. So a good product development firm can help inventors like you bring products to life.

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Worth Smiling About

The Indian-American chemist and 2018 National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee Sumita Mitra developed technology that revolutionized the making of dental fillers, a process still used by dentists two decades later.

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3 Types, Many Benefits

The three common types of motors used in prototyping are brushed DC, servos and steppers. All have different characteristics that make them useful for different types of prototypes. All use DC power and are safe to use. 

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