Be the Chef

There are three aspects of any company that must be in place for it to become its own entity: the product (or service), the operations, and marketing to make it all go.

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10 Early Keys

These 10 criteria are ideal for determining whether your product will be easy for an inventor to introduce and whether it’s worth pursuing.

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Fast Times at IoT

Particle is electronic hardware that can be programmed and wired into prototypes and products, allowing those devices to be monitored and controlled via the cloud.

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Moving Experience

We had this great new technology while our shop was shutting down. As we game-planned, we had one of those “so-crazy-it-just-might-work” ideas.

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Ringing the Bell

Faced with pilfered profits, saloon owner James Ritty invented the mechanical cash register. He was inspired by the automatic mechanism that recorded the revolutions of a ship’s propeller.

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