Let’s Get Small

What do you do when you need to make really small devices or tiny parts that go into a bigger device? Consider these tools and techniques you can use to build tiny parts for your next prototype.

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GIPA Expands to Unite in IP Mission

The U.S. Intellectual Property Alliance is a new organization, built from GIPA partnering and support, with a mission to bring together national organizations and ecosystem constituents for the betterment of intellectual property in the United States.

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O, Yes: Operations

Choosing a distribution method for your product is a key operational setup that determines how it is sold. The choice is based on your end customers; where do they buy what you have to sell?

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Tech That May Grow on You

Plant growers may seem like a docile crowd, but they are often looking for an edge. These thee inventors unveiled products for gardeners at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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