You Can Handle It

Click & Carry®, a unique bag handle/carrying apparatus invented by Kimberley Meckwood of Los Angeles, is a creative solution to many dilemmas. Held in one hand or over your shoulder while you shuffle the kids, pets or groceries, Click & Carry lets you carry up to 80 lbs. of bags, paint cans and the like, with padded comfort.

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A Fight to His Finish

We don’t talk much about the fate of Robert Kearns these days. The automatic intermittent windshield wiper he invented may not be impressive when contrasted with the effects of various apps on our cell phones and tablets. But his story is worth retelling, because many inventors are tempted to take on the “big guys.”

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Game-Changing Feud

In a creepy launch commercial for PlayStation’s American debut on Sept. 9, 1995, a dark, menacing voice challenged the public: “You are not ready.” But in the wake of a brief, tumultuous partnership between Nintendo and Sony several years earlier that led to this new gaming frontier, was anybody ready?

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Flop Stop

The curator of the Museum of Failure is an expert on the subject as a licensed psychologist and PhD in Organizational Psychology who has given many international speeches on the subject.

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