No Panic, Just Peace

Couple’s terrifying incident led to wearable, customizable child tracker.
“I believe no parent should experience that panic.”
—John Renaldi, who briefly could not find his young son in a crowded park.

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Who Will Win the Alice Race?

USPTO, Congress or courts could be first to abolish ‘abstract idea’ doctrine.
Revised guidelines on subject matter eligibility could leave inventors with a new, false sense of security that their patents are now valid.

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His Latest Role: Inventor

Family man and ‘The Little Couple’ star Bill Klein develops pet training pad.
“We are the only pet training pad that provides a 3-D target for male dogs. All other pads fall flat.”
—Bill Klein

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Peace and Prosperity’s Promise

Firsthand look at Vietnam’s raw innovation shows a country on the rise.
My travels began in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in the south. My partner Kerry and I trekked north to Hoi An and Hue in the center of the country, with our final stop in the capital city of Hanoi in the north.

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Cool As Ice

Zamboni resurfacing machine rolls on as an iconic invention.
It has been 70 years since Frank J. Zamboni applied for, and later received, a patent for the Model A Zamboni Ice Resurfacer.

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A Plateful of Pluck

Husband and wife navigated a messy path of obstacles to get product to market.
After their attempt at a utility patent was rejected, the couple added a subtle distinction—the fact that their plate could also fly like a Frisbee—and got approval.

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