Inventors Digest explores the intersection of innovation and business. If you want to write for us, here are some things to keep in mind:

Surprise us.

We’ve seen enough “new” breakthroughs in toilet technology. Show us something we haven’t seen before, and put it in context. Show us why we should care. If it’s provocative, so much the better.

Sweep, color, scene, and strong character anecdotes are important. If there’s no conflict – moral, institutional, cultural, obstacles overcome – there’s no story. And don’t forget the larger business and market discussion.

Inventors Digest prints essays, profiles, how-to’s, book reviews, interviews and features. We seek to educate, inform and entertain. We don’t print stories that talk about readers – stay away from “one should do X” construction. We print stories that talk to readers.

We want voices that are passionate and involved. Events drive the news of television and newspapers. Ideas – conceptual reporting – drive the content in Inventors Digest. We are, after all, The Magazine for Idea People.

It shouldn’t matter too much if someone rereads your piece next month or next year. Poet Ezra Pound called this kind of information “news that stays news.” That’s why many keep Inventors Digest as reference material.

We don’t want anything that duplicates what you can read elsewhere.

If it’s a long piece (more than 2,000 words), send a synopsis, captivating us in 300 words. We prefer e-mail. Write [email protected]. Put “Article Query” in the subject line. The submission can be in the body of the e-mail or in Word format. If the latter, use single spacing, tab-indent paragraphs and 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font.

If you insist on sending it in analog form, write to:

Inventors Digest, Article Query
520 Elliot St., Ste. 200
Charlotte, NC 28202

Thanks for your interest in Inventors Digest!