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A Bionic Cat & Other Bright Ideas

Billed as the world’s first robotic pet cat, MarsCat is fully autonomous with no extra instruction needed to control its movements.The robot is fully responsive and has sensitive interactions. It can feel your touch, hear your voice, see your face and play with toys.

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Getting it Write

Students of the Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property’s Foundation’s course, “Intellectual Property: Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Creators,” told their stories in a contest that ended in June. This was well timed in the context of innovation challenges during these unprecedented times.

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Your Company, Your IP

All companies have intellectual property. When most people think of IP, they think of copyrights, patents, trademarks and inventions. But customer lists, marketing strategies, pricing, financial statements, and supplier and vendor lists are also IP.Essentially, every company—large or small—has valuable IP at stake.

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Licensing Basics

Intellectual property can be just as valuable as (or more valuable than) physical property. This is because IP can be shared with others in exchange for royalty fees—producing a valuable source of passive income for IP owners. 

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