One Crucial Word

Restoring the U.S. patent system comes down to cooperation. The other side that has wanted to have patents eroded have been enormously coordinated in their efforts. Those of us who are on the pro-patent side have been fractured.

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Watch Those Algorithms

At the most basic level, the best way to “beat” the Facebook algorithm and make sure your content is seen is to post content that your audience finds interesting and valuable. If your content isn’t meaningful, it’s going to get buried by other more interesting posts.

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Elevator Going Up

A 30-second speech can be the beginning of a long licensing opportunity. Break down the sales pitch into four objectives and concentrate on them one at a time, thinking only of the narrow purpose of each. 

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All Winners

More than 500 award-winning K-12 inventors from across the world gathered at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation In Dearborn, Michigan, on May 30-31 to compete for top awards at The Henry Ford’s Invention Convention U.S. Nationals.

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Answers to Your Prototyping Challenges

Whether it’s an IoT device, molded part or soft good, we have the talent and experience to build beautiful and functional prototypes. I am fortunate to work with and learn from my great team. I often receive questions about prototyping challenges from readers. Here are some answers to your prototyping challenges.

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