GIPA Expands to Unite in IP Mission

The U.S. Intellectual Property Alliance is a new organization, built from GIPA partnering and support, with a mission to bring together national organizations and ecosystem constituents for the betterment of intellectual property in the United States.

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O, Yes: Operations

Choosing a distribution method for your product is a key operational setup that determines how it is sold. The choice is based on your end customers; where do they buy what you have to sell?

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Tech That May Grow on You

Plant growers may seem like a docile crowd, but they are often looking for an edge. These thee inventors unveiled products for gardeners at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Going International

Whether you manufacture your product in another country, arrange for it to be shipped from one country to another, or ship raw materials or components that comprise your invention into a country that will assemble and/or manufacture your product, at one time or another you will employ the services of either a customs broker or a freight forwarder.

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Going Ecommerce

Although there is something to be said for working with a web development agency or marketing agency for more complicated websites, if you need a simple website to begin showing off your invention you can definitely do it yourself.

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Tops of the Flops

The anticipation of failure and having a healthy attitude about it are essential traits for anyone trying to bring a new idea or product to the masses. However, it’s true that some inventing failures get added notoriety—whether due to their unconventional nature, excess hype, or number of dollars invested.

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