Starting Your Own

Podcasting can be a novel way for inventors to connect with their customers, promote their business, spread the word about their invention and network with like-minded people and companies.

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‘Anti-typing’ Joys

Prototyping is discovery though doing. It requires seemingly endless cycles of building and testing in pursuit of making a new technology work. Weeks, months, and sometimes years of building prototypes can be frustrating and lead to innovator burnout. When I find this happening, I turn to activities I call “anti-typing.”

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Alight With Inspiration

Despite her early frustrations, Arielle didn’t succumb to the temptation of cutting corners in making her candles—just as she has never settled for anything less than a goal of living that best life.

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Sticking Around

After years of research on how to make a kind of synthetic burr, de Mestral came up with the idea of two strips of fabric: one with thousands of tiny hooks, another with thousands of tiny loops that would attach to the hooks.

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