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It’s challenging enough to get a newborn baby to sleep through the night. But when you are the parent of a child born prematurely—thus carrying the increased risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—that challenge grows for sleep-starved parents as well.Such was the situation faced by Nate Ruben and his wife, Sarah, with their first child who was born four weeks early in 2012. She was up multiple times a night to confirm their child was still breathing, and her overall wellness was suffering.Their worries led to a new product called the Smartbeat, which can keep a trained eye on infants while they sleep to make sure parents can rest easily.

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3D Printing? Try the Library

Inventors have a significant advantage if they own the often-expensive equipment that allows them to make 3D models for their initial models or prototypes. But did you know that many libraries have added 3D printers that you can use?



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Curmudgeon vs. Millennial

Today's cars may look essentially like those of 60 or 70 years ago. (Who wouldn't love to own a like-new '56 Chevy Bel Air today?) But today's cars are marvels of dependability and safety.

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Crowdfunding Basics and Myths

There are many misconceptions about crowdfunding sites, the best known being Kickstarter and Indiegogo. But first it’s important to review some of the basics, because crowdfunding is a great way to get your product to market. One of the greatest things about crowdfunding is that it turns the traditional manufacturing model on its head—at least when it comes to consumer products.  

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Time Tested


Short Song: The Rise and Fall of Napster

Despite its meteoric rise and fall, Napster has a permanent place in innovation and internet history. It has often been called the fastest-growing business of all time; perhaps more important, it revolutionized the music industry and forced it to adjust to the commercial realities of the internet age.

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