“A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock pile when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.” 

—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Studio Underd0g




Playful and colorful, Studio Underd0g watches use current machining techniques to emulate a mid-century vintage silhouette while integrating a modern dial.

The varied size of the sub-dials is offset by the branding and movement details. These allow the chronograph seconds hand to pass through uninterrupted. 

The Italian Saffiano leather strap has a beige Nubuck lining and tonal stitching. Straps feature quick-release spring-bars to ensure the strap can be changed without tools. All Studio Underd0g watches come with a Swan Neck Regulator as a complimentary movement upgrade.

The watches will retail for about $525, with an estimated September delivery for crowdfunding Rewards backers.






Powered by industrial pumps and with a comprehensive database, the FORMART 2 allows anyone to make molds, shells, packaging and more.

The machine packs vacuum forming into a unit suitable for homes, offices and workshop spaces. It can create architectural models, industrial design prototypes and molds for desserts. The machine has the largest forming area of any desktop vacuum former on the market and is suitable for professionals and beginners.

Features include auxiliary mold stripping, material ID scanning, smart suction control and industrial-grade heating technology.

Shipping is planned for crowdfunding Rewards backers in September. FORMART 2 will retail for $2,999.


Thinking Egg II




The Thinking Egg is a tool to help remind us to slow down and be more mindful, present and aware in our lives. This second version comes with new elements, bringing the total to nine eggs.

Designed from 100 percent natural materials, each Thinking Egg variation differs in weight, surface texture and elemental composition. The eggs are designed to feel great in your hands. They incorporate a functional and minimal base design to allow the egg to stand balanced while not in use.

The entire Thinking Egg collection of nine—Tiger’s Eye, sandstone, crystal quartz, Damascus steel, jade, Howlite stone, bamboo, lava stone and brass metal—will retail for $152. Shipping to crowdfunding Rewards backers is planned for September.






HUNU+ is a reusable cup that folds into a 3cm disc—small enough to fit into virtually any pocket or bag. A main driver for the product is sustainability: 165 million coffee cups end up in landfills every year, and fewer than 1 percent are recycled due to the plastic lining.

Larger than the original product, this silicon cup is available in 16oz and 20oz sizes and comes with a silicon straw that stores away inside the cup. 

HUNU+ has a leakproof lid with a plug, as well as a heat band for hot drinks. It is BPA free, fully non-toxic and dishwasher safe.

One cup will retail for about $27. Delivery for crowdfunding Rewards backers is set for September.