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Tools, Materials and Processes

A prototype—a conceptual model of an idea for a new product—can be made from virtually any material via numerous tools, materials and processes. In product development, prototyping often entails the latest technological means to produce a result that closely approximates the intended end product. You don’t need all of the latest gadgets in order to build a solid prototyping workspace; all it takes is wisely choosing the right tools for you. Here are some simple and not-so-simple tools, materials and processes (some of these overlap, such as 3D printers and their process): Tools Table saw It takes up a...

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Inventor Organizations

Below is a list of independent inventor organizations and groups across the United States. Many groups keep up-to-date schedules of regularly occurring meetings and events for their local areas. Visit an individual group’s website for more information. Inventors Digest only publishes the names and contacts of inventor groups certified with the United Inventors Association. To have your group listed, visit and become a UIA member. National Organizations United Inventors Association of the USA  1025 Connecticut Avenue Suite 1000 Washington DC 20036 Contact General Info: Inventor Clubs: John Calvert | National Congress of Inventor Organizations (NCIO)...

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Hot Topic: Strengthening Patents

Conference to discusses patents’ role in U.S. economy Building a strong patent system—a key to economic health for the United States both here and abroad—was the subject of a July 12 conference in Washington, D.C., presented by Inventing America. The conference, hosted by a coalition of innovators, included panel discussions on the role of patents in creating new jobs and how we can maximize opportunities through diversity in patenting. A discussion with key members of Congress focused on what may be ahead for patents and inventors. Among those on the distinguished program of experts were Susan M. Armstrong, Qualcomm...

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Bias Found in Tech Media Articles on Patent Disputes

Tech media often provide incomplete and potentially misleading reporting on patent disputes and “trolls,” according to research conducted for the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding. In an analysis of 127 randomly selected articles that used the term “patent infringement” and were published in business, technology and general news publications last year, nearly half of the articles were revealed to be op-ed or trend pieces. Such stories typically craft a narrative instead of reporting on a specific patent case or development. “Report: Patterns in Media Coverage of Patent Disputes,” found: 57 percent of case coverage of patent infringement in tech...

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4 of Our Favorite Inventions from June 2017

ShapeScale     3D Body Scanner Billed as more than a fitness product, ShapeScale is intended to be an all-purpose body platform for applications that could use more accurate information on body shapes. ShapeScale measures your weight and scans your entire body in less than a minute. The body scanner comes with sensors that gather data on the user’s body to create a 3D avatar that can be saved for later comparison. The system also has a heat map that indicates the location of fat or muscles, as well as localized metrics to help track muscle development and tone. The results are meant to give you a better understanding...

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