Author: Edith G. Tolchin

Tough Scrubbing Made Simple with The Simple Scrub™

Visit to Grandma led to inventor’s bathtub cleaning device, The Simple Scrub™ Grandma knows best. And many grandmas know cleaning. When Bill Manovich saw his grandma struggling to scrub the bathtub, he had his “aha!” moment. Former fraternity brothers Manovich and Mike Smith got together with the goal of making Bill’s grandma’s tub and shower cleaning chores—and everyone else’s—so much easier. Here, Smith speaks on behalf of the partners. Edith G. Tolchin: How did The Simple Scrub™ come about? Mike Smith: Bill is in the oil and gas industry in the Houston area. I am a dentist in Pearland, Texas....

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Baby Walker An Instant Idea, and An Instant Hit

Juppy meets parents’ needs while satisfying safety requirements. As a mother of two kids, I tried just about every new baby product on the market in the 1980s. Naturally, my primary concern was their safety. Of course, since the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, there are even regulations for selling baby products at resale shops and yard sales. Because I develop both baby products as well as consumer products in China and hold a customs broker license, I must be even more cautious. I learned about the Juppy® Baby Walker in an article in AARP The Magazine. As a manufacturer, I was a bit concerned with the...

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Lessons and Rewards, Multiplied Together

Family’s invention helps kids learn math Inventions resulting from family collaborations are an invaluable learning experience. They can also be a financial success if families follow all of the proper steps and the market is right. Velvet Alvarez of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania—a junior at Moravian College—and her mother, Isabel, are determined to make Math Game 2×3™ a hit. Edith G. Tolchin: How did the game come about? Velvet Alvarez: My mom always had issues learning her multiplication tables and always thought. “There’s got to be a better way to learn them that’s easier and quicker.” She also wanted to help...

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Creating Options for New Moms

Nursing apparel offers comfort and style For years, nursing apparel consisted of a few styles of nursing bras, one or two often messy or stained maternity tunics, or T-shirts. When breastfeeding, comfort should be paramount to help new moms deal with frequent sleepless nights. But who says you can’t have both comfort and style? Elizabeth Best and her mom, Clareanne Best, invented the Millybutton™ with nursing moms and babies in mind. They are co-owners of the Pittsburgharea company. The patented breastfeeding apparel accessory helps turn any blouse into a nursing top. Edith G. Tolchin: Tell us about your background,...

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Big Help for Tiny Babies

I love sourcing and manufacturing baby products because I like challenges. When I began working with China factories in 1990, the sourcing process was either winging it or common sense. For example, if we wanted to make a safe product for a baby, we would not use components such as sharp objects and dangerous dyes. Eventually, that wasn’t enough. After countless product recalls over the years, the United States created the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in 2008. This required manufacturers to undergo complex testing for their baby products and comply with other regulations in order to introduce safe...

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