Author: Edith G. Tolchin

American Invention: Airplane Pillow Takes a Load Off

JetComfy uses armrest, not your spine, to support your head’s weight “Our goal was to mimic the natural resting pose of resting your head on your hand. We made improvements to this pose by using a 2-inch memory foam on the pad, and gave it adjustable height, tilt and swivel.” — Ephi Zlotnitsky I have manufactured products for about 40 years. Product safety is my business model. When I interview inventors of new products, my first question is almost always, “Is this product safe?” According to the Federal Aviation Administration, “In nonfatal accidents, in-flight turbulence is the leading cause...

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Unique Bib Was a Long Time Coming

Lisa Pullen learned much about tough global safety regulations for children’s products, and manufacturing abroad. I love working with baby products. Often, there are challenges that inventors are totally unaware of when they contact me—such as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 that resulted from unsafe children’s products being made globally (no, manufacturing in the United States is not exempt) and the resulting slew of product recalls. Lisa Pullen first contacted me about nine years ago when her first child was a toddler; she had a great idea for a unique baby bib. As they say, “Life...

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Towel Innovation Holding up Well

The Ta-Ta Towel was designed to absorb moisture from underneath the breasts and behind the neck, keeping bacteria at bay. But it has myriad other uses. In my work with inventors since 1997, more often than not the inventor has been a man. The same is true regarding my interview subjects in Inventors Digest. So for me it’s refreshing to learn about products invented by women, which are often baby products. Here we have a novel idea for a product by a woman, for women—and it is not a baby product. Erin Robertson of Los Angeles, inventor of the...

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Tough Scrubbing Made Simple with The Simple Scrub™

Visit to Grandma led to inventor’s bathtub cleaning device, The Simple Scrub™ Grandma knows best. And many grandmas know cleaning. When Bill Manovich saw his grandma struggling to scrub the bathtub, he had his “aha!” moment. Former fraternity brothers Manovich and Mike Smith got together with the goal of making Bill’s grandma’s tub and shower cleaning chores—and everyone else’s—so much easier. Here, Smith speaks on behalf of the partners. Edith G. Tolchin: How did The Simple Scrub™ come about? Mike Smith: Bill is in the oil and gas industry in the Houston area. I am a dentist in Pearland, Texas....

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Baby Walker An Instant Idea, and An Instant Hit

Juppy meets parents’ needs while satisfying safety requirements. As a mother of two kids, I tried just about every new baby product on the market in the 1980s. Naturally, my primary concern was their safety. Of course, since the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, there are even regulations for selling baby products at resale shops and yard sales. Because I develop both baby products as well as consumer products in China and hold a customs broker license, I must be even more cautious. I learned about the Juppy® Baby Walker in an article in AARP The Magazine. As a manufacturer, I was a bit concerned with the...

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