Author: Gene Quinn

Let’s Reverse 3 Recent Bad Decisions

History shows our patent system can recover, but current leaders lack vision In many parts of the world on April 26, there was reason to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. In the United States, there should be less celebration and more reflection on how elected leaders, appointed officials and learned jurists are allowing the engine of U.S. economic dominance to be disassembled. However, there could be much to celebrate in America if a few decisions in the past 11 years are reversed to put the United States on exceptionally solid footing. Positive signs Though the U.S. patent system is...

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Hatch: Patent Venue Reform Likely

Speculation grows in Supreme Court’s pending ruling on TC Heartland.  When Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) recently rolled out his innovation agenda for the 115th Congress during a special event at the United States Capitol, he said there is a good chance that patent litigation reform will happen this year. The chairman of the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force characterized patent litigation as a tremendously thorny issue: “I believe there’s one area where we can see real progress this year: venue. Abusive litigants have exploited a hole in the law to direct a disproportionate number of suits to plaintiff-friendly forums,...

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Myth: A Patent is a Monopoly

Issuance does not guarantee a market for that product or service.  Many inventors operate under the mistaken belief that getting a patent is like owning both Boardwalk and Park Place in the popular board game Monopoly. Unfortunately, turning an issued patent into cash is much more complicated than simply placing hotels on Monopoly’s two most valuable properties. Those who are against patents or have a self-serving agenda argue that a patent is a monopoly, or they use those terms interchangeably. Don’t be fooled. Getting a patent does not result in the arrival of a money truck at your doorstep....

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TTI Ruling Underscores a Broken PTAB

Arbitrary rulings are the board’s trademark.  If doubt remained that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board is a thoroughly broken tribunal incapable of redemption or fixing, that doubt has to be erased after a recent ruling by the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s entity. The PTAB has a history of harassing Trading Technology International, which owns patents on various graphical user interfaces. These patents have been subject to repeated covered business method (CBM) challenges at the PTAB despite the fact that graphic user interfaces are not business methods, and they present a technological solution to a technological problem....

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Follow Wal-Mart’s Lead on Provisional Patent Applications

It’s serial strategy on self-driving cart led to faster approval.  Recently I came across U.S. Patent Application No. 20160260161, owned by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., which relates to a self-driving shopping cart. The patent application covers an innovative system that will utilize a series of docking stations, sensors, motors and cameras to offer consumers the ability to “hail” a shopping cart using an app on their smartphones, as they would a taxi or Uber. Upon completion of use, the system will somehow be able to recognize abandoned carts within the store or in the parking lot so that they will...

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