Author: Reid Creager

Net of Surprises

Earlier this year, Vinton Cerf, inventor of the Internet, revealed that his original internet had two major flaws. Learn more about the internet’s origins and its creators .

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Auto Alternative?

The Minneapolis-based inventor wants to provide an innovative alternative to cars via his Raht Racer, a gas-saving, electric-assist vehicle that amplifies the rider’s pedaling power. From its outward appearance— a sleek shell that provides protection from the elements as well as an aerodynamic advantage over bicycles—to its lofty goal of moving as fast as traditional cars, the Raht Racer is so unconventional that some people have a hard time taking it seriously. At least, at first.

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Top 10 All-Time Auto Inventions

The most important car-related inventions of all time transcend engine technology. They include milestone safety and convenience factors that have ensured the automobile remains as popular and essential as ever in our lives.

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Auto Innovation 2019: Our Top Ten Picks

Connected mobile apps are changing the automotive experience before we even reach for the car door. They offer more than convenience; they provide real-time information and safety (you can even check fuel and tire pressure now). These apps are among the most noteworthy innovations in automotive technology in the past few years. Here are our top 10 newest inventions and services, in no particular order, that would have gotten Karl Benz all revved up.

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