Author: Reid Creager

SAFE! That’s the goal of Johnny Bench’s app

Johnny Bench’s App for Schools Fights Bullying  To baseball fans, Johnny Bench epitomizes toughness: 11 broken bones and three major operations during a Hall of Fame major-league career that spanned 1,744 games at catcher, the game’s most grueling position. Oh, and throw in an estimated 24,000 squats a year; being hit countless times by foul tips from pitches approaching 100 mph, as well as by runners in home plate collisions; playing virtually the entire 1975 season with a shoulder injury that resulted in cartilage and part of his collarbone being removed; a dramatic ninth-inning home run in a 1972...

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Why Did USPTO Director Resign?

Aura of mystery still engulfs USPTO Director’s resignation Michelle Lee’s abrupt resignation on Tuesday as director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office took many by surprise. It’s less surprising that her exit comes with a lot of uncertainty and lingering questions. No reason was given for Lee’s decision or the timing of it, and it’s not immediately clear who will succeed her. The aura of mystery comports with the last year of her tenure as the first woman to lead the office, which began with her appointment by President Obama in 2014. Lee’s status was uncertain for months...

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Bruised, Not Beaten

Inventing thrives despite blows to patents The U.S. inventing landscape is replete with festering land mines:   Major patent rulings that can border on the patently absurd, often enabling infringers and leading to endless litigation for the independent innovator; A 2011 America Invents Act that many claim has done more harm than good, including the creation of a Patent Trial and Appeal Board that has arguably harassed patent owners; The landmark 2014 Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International case that significantly hindered patents for computer-related inventions, particularly software, by creating a rigid new subject matter eligibility test; Last year,...

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A Time of Tech Triumphs

Historic innovation highlighted 1998, the year May was named National Inventors Month We thought we were so technologically sophisticated just a couple of decades ago, when social media meant journalists who like to have a good time. As the world was counting down to Y2K with anticipation and angst in the late 1990s, most of us were connecting to this new-fangled internet thing via the primitive buzzing known as dial-up. Words such as “texting,” “app” and “hashtag” were still years from becoming a part of our everyday language. People weren’t shutting off the world around them just to stare...

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It’s Social Hour at Inventors Digest

One of the most important communications vehicles of our increasingly tech-savvy world—social media—will be the focus of a new regular department in Inventors Digest. Beginning with the June issue, Elizabeth Breedlove will write “Social Hour,” a look at social media’s expanding role in the inventing process: reaching customers; gathering information; expanding your brand. She will also include occasional case studies. According to a recent study by Hubspot, 92 percent of marketers claimed that social media was important to their business. In her current role as content marketing manager at Charlotte, North Carolina-based Enventys Partners, Breedlove is an authority on...

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