Flip works as easily as everyday writing and drawing tools, with features including flip to erase, perfect palm rejection, hover, zoom and more. It knows what you want it to do, and without using batteries or Bluetooth because it’s powered by magnetics. Flip’s method of communicating with any Apple device makes it easy to write on your iPad or iPhone just as you would with pencil/pen
and paper. It also knows when you’ve stopped writing, so it automatically dims your screen to save power and comes back on when your hand starts to write again. The interchangeable magnetic tips are perfect for artists. Flip comes with a free note-taking and drawing app, Flip Notes. Flip has already engaged with many popular apps; its company, Lynktec, is open to working  with others. The Flip stylus is expected to retail for $49. Product launch is set for February.



An origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes, Polygons folds to whatever size you need—depending on how you pick it up. Marked areas on both tablespoon and teaspoon sizes let you know where to pick up from to measure the volume required for your recipe. Polygons is easy to clean and can also be used as a spreader. It’s also easily stored. The teaspoon measurements are ¼, ½, ¾ and 1; tablespoon measurements are ½, 1, 1 ½ and 2. Both can hold dry or wet ingredients. Polygons’ hinges are made of TPR, which have the property of being able to flex at 100,000 cycles without failure. With a projected retail price of $12, Polygons ships in January.



Made by wood specialist Lumbr, Troy is the first wooden watch on Kickstarter with a visible mechanical skeleton and automatic movement. The watch, handcrafted from oak shipwood, is hypoallergenic in addition to being water resistant. The watch’s front and back are made with Sapphire glass, the second-hardest material in the world behind diamonds, making the watch hard to scratch. A built-in shock absorber reduces the chance of internal damage. Troy has a high-end Japanese Miyota mechanical calibre and stainless steel butterfly clasp. Each watch has a unique
grain and pattern so that no two are exactly alike. The watch will retail for $299; estimated March delivery.


Oregami Luggage

Oregami Luggage is designed to make it easier to pack, unpack and find items in your luggage, reducing and even eliminating digging around to find clothes and valuables. You can see all of
your items at once, within seconds. Three organizing folding compartments keep items neat and where you want them. You can separate clean clothes from dirty ones, protect delicate items, and store dirty shoes away from clean clothes. The compartments also unzip from the luggage base, so you can place them in a dresser for easy access or organize them as needed. The Oregami carry-on, with four 360-degree gliding wheels, is approved for use with most airlines. It has one large base compartment and two organizing trays. The large rolling duffle will retail for $219, the carry-on for $199. Estimated delivery is June.


Boomphones RE-UP

These headphones turn into a speaker with the push of a button. The RE-UP is also the only Bluetooth headphone speaker that folds into its own speaker stand. The protective Active Speaker Case
has two speakers, its own battery, and you can charge your headphones or smartphone with the case’s charging port. For a powerful, four-speaker experience, place the RE-UP headphones inside
the speaker case, connect the two devices, and the headphone and case speakers play in unison. The RE-UP has two 40mm headphone drivers and two 28mm microspeakers. Utilizing two sets of speakers with four separate acoustic chambers enhances sound quality. Both modes feature a sophisticated DSP chip that provides a well-balanced sound spectrum. Suggested retail for the headphones and Active Speaker Case is $350, with an estimated August delivery.