A simple concept with simple execution and a simply more comfortable result, MagKey ends the hassle and bulk of jingling keys while providing more space in your pocket or purse for other things.

There’s no complicated hardware or aluminum housing. Just affix a super-thin and light magnet (less than 1 millimeter thick, weighing less than .13 grams per magnet) between each key to keep them together. It works for different size keys, too. Each set of MagKeys outfits four keys.

Key organizers aren’t rare, but MagKey has a rare status in the product category: It raised more than $56,000 on Kickstarter, the most successful smart key organizer accessory ever to be crowdfunded on that site. Retail is $9.99-$13.99.



Dooli is a pet waste disposal and deodorizing pail system for dogs and cats. It’s environmentally friendly, with a recyclable refill bag adapter that eliminates extra waste in landfills.

Aesthetically unobtrusive, the product has a patented technology that works the lever to double-seal the bag when the lid is closed, leaving all smells inside the device. Lab-tested, seven-layer waste bags help limit escaping odor. The Dooli uses a manually controlled dispenser for scented gel beads. When it’s time to take out the bag, just tie a knot in the bag and dispose of it.

Dooli’s bag adapter can be used for at least 50 bags. Only the bags from the waste pail system ultimately make it to the landfill. The number of refill bags is said to be twice the amount of  competitors, at half the cost for the consumer.

The pail is sold with 15 seven-layer EVOH odor trapping bags, a scooper, a deodorizing dispenser and scented gel beads for added freshness. The future retail price is $40. Shipping is set for January.



Sensitivity and ease of use are two hallmarks of the Pictar. It’s electronically calibrated to provide maximum sensitivity, just like a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR). The shutter button has a half-press mode that locks focus and exposure in order to easily track a moving object, and also has a full press for immediate shutter release.

One-hand shooting is easy, even with gloves. A rotating zoom ring below the shutter release button eliminates the need to touch the screen and pinch-and-zoom, making one-hand zooming easy. The ring can also be re-programmed to suit specific needs, such as the flash, white-balance, etc., in which case the user zooms by “pinching” the iPhone’s screen. The exposure compensation wheel allows the user to quickly and easily control the brightness level before shooting.

The Pictar classic kit, which fits all iPhone models, will retail for $90 and begin shipping in November.



According to InPen’s parent company Companion Medical, in late July the insulin device became the first and only FDA-cleared SmartPen that includes technology for calculating and  recommending the best dosing for the patient; tracking the  history and timing of doses; monitoring insulin temperature; displaying the last dose and insulin in reserve; and tracking and  reporting to the health care provider.

The InPen uses standard Bluetooth wireless to connect to a smartphone app that handles all of the calculations, display of data, and management of reminders. It performs many functions of an insulin pump.

Dosage still has to be dialed in the old-fashioned, manual way once the app displays the recommendation—a safety precaution against a phone running out of power. The InPen app is cleared for Apple iOS, with an Android version planned for late this year. No price is available yet.



Once you’ve hung a piece of artwork, it’s there to stay unless you want to drill more holes into your wall. The low-tech HangSmart provides flexibility and eliminates the need to decide on the perfect spot the first time you hang a picture.

A mounting device that was created by Swedish designer Alexander Lervik in conjunction with Absolut Art, HangSmart attaches to the wall with a pair of screws.

Once art is hung from the device’s clip it can be repositioned six inches up, down, left or right without having to take down the art. HangSmart requires no leveling. No details have been revealed about how the mechanism works because the design is patent pending. It will be available early next year for an undisclosed price that its makers say will be affordable.