kapposUSPTO Director David Kappos started blogging today. I don’t recall predecessor Jon Dudas doing any blogging. So I believe Kappos is the first USTPO director to blog in an official capacity. Be interesting to see how long this lasts and whether Twitter is in the works. As we ponder these grand questions, here’s a snippet from his debut – it deals with independent inventors:

Putting the USPTO to Work for Independent Inventors

My first few months at the USPTO have been exciting and inspiring, and I feel privileged to be leading the USPTO at this critical time for the IP community, and the country as a whole. When I was sworn in 90 days ago, I came in with a clear mandate from Commerce Secretary Locke to fix our broken patent system and reduce the backlog that has hamstrung innovation and hindered job creation and economic growth. We have ambitious goals and, with your help, I feel confident that we can achieve them.   … Read the rest at Director’s Forum