The different kinds of cards made specifically for Valentine’s Day by Hallmark Cards, which some people mistakenly assume invented the holiday. According to statisticbrain.com, 85 percent of valentine cards are bought by women. Men purchase 73 percent of all Valentine’s Day flowers, although 14 percent of women send themselves flowers on that day.

What IS that?

The name says it all when it comes to the iPotty, from CTA Digital. The device, intended to make potty training less stressful, features a stand that securely holds an iPad and entertains kids while they play with apps. The iPotty has been controversial since its unveiling, when the Campaign for a CommercialFree Childhood named it the worst toy of 2013. Yet despite those who think the invention is a wee-wee bit much, it’s still being sold. “How about an iPotty for adults?” you may muse. That’s been done, too.


Seventeen-year-old Alex Wulff of Skaneateles, New York, already has multiple inventions that could be of major significance to society. In 2015, he designed and built small, inexpensive devices that scan the path in front of a visually impaired wearer and vibrate to alert him or her to the closeness of objects. HaptoTech won the top award at the 2016 Central New York Science & Engineering Fair. Last year, he created sensors that are placed inside of casts for the purpose of alerting orthopedic doctors to possible problems, winning him a Patent and Trademark Office Society special award.