British TV Show Looking for Inventors


I received this clarion for inventors yesterday, but delayed posting until I could get some sense of a deadline. Kate Fraser of the UK’s Twenty Twenty Television wrote me saying, “There is not a deadline as such, though we are keen to talk to people as soon as possible.”

The news release states:

“A new primetime Channel 4 series will challenge four skilled men and women to rebuild integral parts of the legendary ship Titanic.

When Titanic set sail in 1912, she was the largest and most technologically advanced man-made moving object in the world, and signalled the high water mark of all British manufacturing. She was built by the world’s most skilled and productive workforce – the great industrial communities across the nation that made Britain the global superpower of the age.

This new primetime series for Channel 4 (UK) and National Geographic (USA) will explore an extraordinary era of industrial history and bring to life the truly colossal task that was achieved in the construction of Titanic. An ambitious building challenge will be at the core of each episode. Using traditional Edwardian techniques, machinery and materials, the team will rebuild or restore integral parts of the legendary vessel.

We’re looking for inventors, designers and engineers to form our on-screen team. These creative and dynamic individuals should have a passion for problem-solving, tinkering and making things work.

If you’d relish the chance to be part of this ambitious project, and are eager to explore how workers 100 years ago achieved this amazing feat, we’d like to hear from you.

To find out more please email [email protected]
or call Kate Fraser on 020 7424 7721

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