If you’re worried that your teenager’s driving mimics something from the latest installment of the Fast and Furious set, check out the newest invention from Jonathan Fisher.speed

The Lunenburg, Mass., native invented the Speed Demon Teen Driving Monitor, a device that combines a GPS navigation unit with a cellular data modem and some very smart software to inform parents when their teenagers are driving too fast on highways and secondary roads.

The device also can pinpoint the teen driver’s location.

The Speed Demon is a small black box that can be mounted anywhere in the car. It uses the T-Mobile Edge/GPRS data network to monitor the location and speed of the vehicle.

It can’t determine the speed limits on any roads, but parents can set pre-determined limits on the device depending on which road their child is driving. When teens drive too fast, it alerts parents via a text message or e-mail.

At $250, plus a monthly $15 service fee, it isn’t exactly cheap. But the device does deliver exactly what it promises – a simple, powerful yet non-intrusive way to discourage young drivers from speeding.

Visit www.livefastdriveslow.com