They gather in venues ranging from generic coffeehouses to five-star resorts. Their visionary members include trendy millennials, middle-age parents and seniors seeking a new adventure.

Inventor groups are an important part of the excitement, inspiration and education associated with the activity that is the lifeblood of this magazine and the U.S. entrepreneurial system. Although Inventors Digest has faithfully provided listings of grass-roots and regional organizations throughout America (you can find them under the Resources tab at, there are also popular national organizations such as Inventors Groups of America and United Inventors Association.

The local organizations, especially, are often in flux—adding new members, moving or even disbanding. You’ll note that many listings of inventor organizations online include the qualifier that some of their information may be dated, and ID is no different.

We need your group’s updated information. Has your address changed? Phone number? Have you added a social media component? Is your group no longer meeting? Perhaps even more important, do you not see your group on our list? If any of these circumstances apply, drop us a line at [email protected] and we will make these changes and adds as soon as possible.

As Inventors Digest continues to encourage a dialogue between the magazine and our readers, we also actively support the dialogue and relationships that are integral to these organizations. Along those lines, in the near future we plan to publish a themed issue that focuses on inventor groups. We would love to hear about your groups, and your ideas about what kinds of content you would like to see!

As a means for better publicizing your organization, you can purchase an ad that will run within the editorial text of our themed inventors groups package. Special rates for this issue will be $1,499 for a full-page color ad; $360 for a quarter-page color ad; and $120 for a business card ad. And of course, you can always advertise on the even more affordable, which recently posted its all-time single-month high for page views.

A big part of the excitement of inventing is sharing ideas, successes and failures. This bonds us while fortifying our resolve to create concepts and products that make a difference in the quality of lives. Drop us a line and help us continue to promote this noble mission.

— Reid
[email protected]