Love: Intelligent Turntable

Controlled by your smartphone, the Love turntable stays faithful to the concept of a needle that plays the record—keeping the warmth and soul of the recording intact—but with no weight on the grooves. It retains the crackles and pops of vinyl records that many audiophiles say are synonymous with a truly authentic recording. Love flips the traditional concept of a needle playing a spinning record; it turns counterclockwise on a still record. Although the turntable is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, it’s not necessary to use an app. Place any size record on the turntable record base to scan the vinyl and determine speed. If you want to listen to Track 3, you can start playing the record by either pressing the top shell three times or selecting the track through the app. You can play, pause, skip to the next track or select the next track. Two record bases and a plug and play receiver are included. The turntable connects to speakers, headphones, receivers and multiroom systems. It retails for $599, with a planned shipping date of October. Love’s Kickstarter campaign far exceeded its $50,000 fundraising goal, bringing more than $800,000.

Zera: Food Recycler

Food waste accounts for about 20 percent of U.S. landfills, and the average family produces more than 400 lbs. of food waste per year. Zera cuts food waste by more than two-thirds its original volume through a fully automated process. The result is ready-to-use fertilizer, usually within 24 hours, that you can spread on your lawn, outdoor plants and garden. Zera recycles almost all kinds of food waste, including meat and dairy. The three-step process: Slide open the lid and place the entire Zera Additive Pack inside daily until the recycler is full. Slide the lid closed and begin the transforming cycle, either by pressing the Start button or using the remote mobile app. Remove the output bin and spread the fertilizer outdoors. The recycler requires minimal maintenance. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $1,199; October is the estimated shipping date.

Steadicam Volt: Smartphone Stabilizer

Made by a company that has provided shake-free videos for Hollywood for 40 years, the Volt improves on the original with technological advancements that allow you to capture memorable moments from your smartphone. The simulated feeling of inertia on the pan axis improves the overall handing of the gimbal, providing maximum stability and provision. Features of the 1-lb., Bluetooth-enabled Volt include dual operating modes for beginners and experienced users; accommodation of phone sizes (with or without case) from 100g to 250g in weight, and 58mm to 85mm wide; an accompanying iOS and Android APP that allows for precise balance and tuning; works in manual mode even after the long-life, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries are depleted. Shipping is set for June, with a planned retail price of $199.

EcoReco Model R: Personal Electric Vehicle

An eco-friendly, energy-efficient, compact and intelligent electric scooter, the Model R is designed for daily commutes and weekend adventures. It is safer than a skateboard and more portable than a bike, with connectivity, smart sensors and maximum configurability. The Model R EV—an update of previous models—has generous specs and numerous innovative features that include a Dynamic Battery Switching System, Carefree Fall Detection, Lightvigation, Tile location tracking, smart lock and rich configurablility. The scooter has a USB charging port on the Throttle/dash unit for easy access. MSRP is $1,500 with an estimated July shipping date.