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Spot Me

Scott Naidus of Manchester, N.H., has been inventing for some 15 years and has two patents so far. The fitness-industry consultant has practiced what he’s preached and invented what he calls the first weightstack machine.

The exercise device allows users to change the weight at any time during a workout – an enhancement Scott says adds more flexibility, efficiency and safety.

Just in time for the post-holiday weight-loss resolutions.

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Helping Hand

Inventor Michael Duncan of Even Par Enterprises has developed a new type of low-cost device to help military amputees, stroke victims and other physically challenged folks lead happier, fulfilling lives.

His Lend-A-Hand is a universal assistant that provides arm support, leverage and strength.

Michael says his product, “increases mobility while decreasing the strain off of the individual’s shoulders, arms, back and legs. Lend-A-Hand helps allow the individual to play golf, wash cars, paint, rake, sweep, wash floors (and) go fishing.”

Chores will still be a bore – but now you won’t have any excuses.

Visit www.evenparenterprises.com


No Touching!

After his 3-year-old son was badly burned by a curling iron, Rick Alexander decided he needed something to prevent painful mishaps.

“I was looking for the item that would hold a hot iron to protect our son,” he says, “and ensure that should we leave the house and my wife inadvertently left her curling iron or flat iron plugged in, we would not return to a pile of ashes.”

When he was unable to find a solution at any stores or online, he created the Cool Care, a holder for curling irons.

“I want everyone to know that a burn by a curling iron is the #2 cause for children ages 2 to 14 to go to the emergency room,” says Rick.

Cool Care holders have earned a Parent Tested and Patent Approved (PTPA) seal.

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Watch Your Wallet

If U.S. consumers need an easier way to reach for their credit cards, inventor John Higgins figures he has an answer.

John created the EZ-OUT credit card remover, a plastic tab that easily identifies and allows you to remove credit cards from stubborn wallets – sort of like file folder tabs meets Kenneth Cole.

Visit www.ezoutcardremover.com