Author: Jeremy Losaw

Crash Course

A bootcamp in the Dominican Republic provided students impactful innovation training; 10 teams developed an interesting solution for motor vehicle accidents.

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Drawn to Comfort

Sketchboard Pro is an iPad stand for artists meant to provide a better physical experience for the illustrator. The board has a recess for the iPad to lay into and provides a perimeter around the screen.

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Let’s Get Small

What do you do when you need to make really small devices or tiny parts that go into a bigger device? Consider these tools and techniques you can use to build tiny parts for your next prototype.

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Can’t Prototype? Sure, You Can.

There are plenty of tools available to the masses that are easy to use, even by the most inexperienced prototyper. Here are some prototyping tools and techniques that can be used to help develop ideas and answer key questions about a product—even for those who have never set foot inside a prototyping shop.

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