Author: Jeremy Losaw

After the Crowdfund

Having a fully funded crowdfunding campaign is a fantastic beginning to a journey of making your product real, but the work is not over. There are months and potentially years ahead to finish development, manufacture, and ship your product to loyal backers

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Rising From Falls

Frank Bowles created HTK Pads, a padding system is worn over the top of clothing to protect a user against injury from a fall. It is specifically designed to protect the most vulnerable injury areas: the hips, tailbone and knees (hence the acronym HTK).

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Seeing the Light

Dutch inventor Toine Schoutens has developed a portable light therapy system called Propeaq that can help mitigate symptoms of SAD. It can also limit the effects of jet lag and help athletes perform at their peak.

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Shark Sense

The pulses from the Shark Shield aggravate a shark’s electrical receptors, which repels it from the device and lowers the probability of a strike.

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Hitting the Panic Button

Kenny Kelley’s motorcycle accident inspired him to come up with a device that doesn’t have a monthly fee. This device, paired with a smartphone, helps you send alerts in an emergency.

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