Author: Jeremy Losaw

Goal: Bee-ing Safer

Bee stings account for more than 60 deaths ever year, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So beekeeper and inventor Roberto Pasi sought to make a home beekeeping system that would greatly reduce people’s fear of being stung.

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‘Anti-typing’ Joys

Prototyping is discovery though doing. It requires seemingly endless cycles of building and testing in pursuit of making a new technology work. Weeks, months, and sometimes years of building prototypes can be frustrating and lead to innovator burnout. When I find this happening, I turn to activities I call “anti-typing.”

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3D’s WOW Factor

WOWCube® is a three-dimensional screen device that allows users to play games and view data in a unique way. The cube-shaped device consists of eight equal pieces that snap together via a proprietary magnet system. The attachment system allows for the halves to be twisted and locked in a similar manner as a Rubik’s Cube.

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Putting Lice on Ice

Sheila and her team at Pediatric Hair Solutions own a number of lice clinics in the Southeast and have developed a two-step solution that has been proven to kill both active adult lice and their eggs.

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