Author: Jeremy Losaw

Lessons From Books

Books from non-technical authors can be food for the soul and provide a different context in which to weigh our ideas, while offering nuggets as to how we should approach product development.

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Making Pot Predictable

Israeli inventor Guy Setton saw the need for a device to accurately analyze the key metrics of marijuana buds and created GemmaCert, to allow non-destructive testing and give consumers a predictable result.

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Answers to Your Prototyping Challenges

Whether it’s an IoT device, molded part or soft good, we have the talent and experience to build beautiful and functional prototypes. I am fortunate to work with and learn from my great team. I often receive questions about prototyping challenges from readers. Here are some answers to your prototyping challenges.

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Making Perfect Scents

Constantly tired by his schoolwork and studying, 18-year-old Parisian student Guillaume Rolland found it difficult to wake up in the morning. Then he had his ooh la la moment.

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The Next IoT Wave

Despite the saturation of IoT devices, there is still plenty of room in the market for improvement and change. Consider these trends that may drive connected device development in coming years.

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