Author: Jeremy Losaw

Can’t Prototype? Sure, You Can.

There are plenty of tools available to the masses that are easy to use, even by the most inexperienced prototyper. Here are some prototyping tools and techniques that can be used to help develop ideas and answer key questions about a product—even for those who have never set foot inside a prototyping shop.

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After the Crowdfund

Having a fully funded crowdfunding campaign is a fantastic beginning to a journey of making your product real, but the work is not over. There are months and potentially years ahead to finish development, manufacture, and ship your product to loyal backers

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Rising From Falls

Frank Bowles created HTK Pads, a padding system is worn over the top of clothing to protect a user against injury from a fall. It is specifically designed to protect the most vulnerable injury areas: the hips, tailbone and knees (hence the acronym HTK).

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