Author: Jeremy Losaw

GreenIQ’s Irrigation System Helps Save Water

The EPA-certified system allows users to save approximately 50 percent on their water bill and prevents water from being wasted. Although the common narrative of the American Dream is a two-story house and picket fence, our lawns get much of our attention. Collectively, Americans obsessed with growing beautiful lawns expend an enormous amount of time and money to maintain them—which comes at a cost in terms of natural resources: Up to 60 percent of residential water use is for outside purposes, and about half of that is wasted, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Odi Dahan is working to...

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Add to the Menu: Peace of Mind

Gluten sensor invented for people with food allergy. Shireen Yates’ decision to attend a wedding in 2012 could lead to a happily-ever-after outcome for a lot of strangers. Yates loves Persian food but is allergic to gluten. Because she knew that weddings can make for tricky eating for those with gluten sensitivity, she would always pack her own snacks to make it through the night. However, she forgot to do that at this particular wedding and was left frustrated trying to find a gluten-free option. “What if I could just take a sample of this [food] and just have one additional data point to make a more informed decision before...

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