Since our previous cat invention post received so much attention, we thought you’d like a review of these new products that have come across our desk recently.

Kitty City

Think amusement park without the high prices. Kitty City’s modular design allows you to add components over time that can include a tower, hideaway cave, tunnel, climbing hill, sleepy corner, peek-a-boo passage and slumber bed. (If you have enough space, this could get really interesting.) These components, made from reinforced pipes and durable fabrics, are apparently easy to assemble and have built-in scratching posts and detachable toys.

Modkat Litter Box

This certainly isn’t the first product to update and/or redesign the traditional litter box, but it’s one of the more stylish offerings—and practical as well. Modkat has a top-entry lid that allows for a fully enclosed base, ensuring that no matter escapes regardless of what your cat does inside. The lid is also a walk-off mat, keeping your floors practically pebble free. The lid swivels open to ensure that any stray litter falls back inside. When rotated to 90 degrees, it lifts straight off to provide full access.

Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

Cat pampering takes many forms here, providing 360 degrees of relaxation and grooming. Small and large cats can give themselves a head, neck, face and body massage, and scratch hard-to-reach areas. The Wellness Center also features dual self-groomer brushes to collect loose hairs, as well as a catnip herb container.

FroliCat BOLT

FroliCat fights the ever-present issue of cat obesity with a range of exercises to get your pet moving and stimulated, even when you’re not around. Your cat can chase and pounce at an interactive laser toy that you can either hold yourself or place on a surface and set the timer to 15 minutes. In automatic mode, the laser moves in random patterns for hands-free play.

Pets Best Products hidden litter cat box

Some cat owners don’t want to look at a litter box, no matter how 21st-century it looks. The opening of the Tuscany model, made to look like a terracotta planter, can be turned toward the wall to conceal the litter area completely. This also gives your cat privacy when toileting. The fake planter contains hidden litter trays that stop litter scatter, with a filter to minimize dust and odor.