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Mission: A Falling Number of Slips

KleenzDRI is a unique, non-flammable, alcohol-based cleaner designed to lift oil, dirt, grease, soda and more—with the bonus that it dries in seconds. Since it’s fast drying, it cleans and eliminates moisture—the same moisture that is a bacterial breeding ground. 

Bright Ideas


A Bionic Cat & Other Bright Ideas

Billed as the world’s first robotic pet cat, MarsCat is fully autonomous with no extra instruction needed to control its movements.The robot is fully responsive and has sensitive interactions. It can feel your touch, hear your voice, see your face and play with toys.

Eye On Washington


Inventing 101


Going International

Whether you manufacture your product in another country, arrange for it to be shipped from one country to another, or ship raw materials or components that comprise your invention into a country that will assemble and/or manufacture your product, at one time or another you will employ the services of either a customs broker or a freight forwarder.



Lander Zone


Marketing Tips


Online Only


NFL Seeking Inventors

The NFL Helmet Challenge aims to stimulate the development by experts, innovators and helmet manufacturers of a new helmet for NFL players that outperforms, based on laboratory testing, all helmets currently worn by NFL players.

Time Tested


Tops of the Flops

The anticipation of failure and having a healthy attitude about it are essential traits for anyone trying to bring a new idea or product to the masses. However, it’s true that some inventing failures get added notoriety—whether due to their unconventional nature, excess hype, or number of dollars invested.

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