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  • Joanne Hayes knew it was a longshot when she applied for a $10-an-hour job as editor with Affiliated Inventors Foundation, a company that published a fledgling invention publication in early 1987. She also knew she had the heart, determination and work ethic of an inventor.   Read More

  • Television shows have been a rich source of inventions, both real and fantasy. At any moment in an episode, the main characters can introduce an existing device or invent a new one.   Read More

  • Here are just some of the many in innovation who give back to society, and to inventors Rus Wadia is a friendly looking sort, but at one point during a recent interview with Inventors Digest his expression grew serious. He leaned closer. He meant business, and in a good kind of way. “We want people …   Read More

  • This is the kind of headline and obituary that would have made Doug Engelbart sigh. “Doug Engelbart: Inventor of the computer mouse,” reads the headline on the website The Independent....

  • BY EDITH G. TOLCHIN I learned about Shintaro “Sam” Asano in an article, “10 Inventions out of MIT That Changed the World.” His inexpensive and portable version of the modern...

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